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Feb 12th, 2020

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Apple devices are certainly unfriendly to attempts to explore and rummage through their contents. Normally, when you connect one of your Apple devices to your computer, you can't access much else than your photos if you don't have iTunes installed. But, with the help of iExplorer, you can access the inner workings of your device just like it were a normal external hard drive.

You can erase images, add songs and movies into their corresponding folders, and even add files that you'd like to transfer to another place, as though your iOS device were a simple pendrive.

The program's interface is very intuitive, so if you know how to navigate a Mac, you'll know how to navigate iExplorer. On the left is a tab for quick access to all of your folders, and in the center and right parts of the screen will be the content stored in each one.

iExplorer is a very, very useful tool for anyone with an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad; it will greatly increase the functionality of your machine, even if you only use it every once in awhile.
Reviewed by Álvaro Toledo Translated by Molly Lincoln

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Feb 12th, 2020
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4.2.0 May 3rd, 2018
4.1.11 Nov 23th, 2017
4.1.4 Oct 13th, 2017
4.0.12 Mar 24th, 2017 Oct 7th, 2016 Sep 20th, 2016
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